**Attention TRICARE beneficiaries: Effective August 28, 2017, a TRICARE beneciary’s home is considered a “secure location” and telemedicine services (including tele-psychology or tele-mental health services) will be a reimbursed service with your TRICARE benefit. **

Teletherapy or telehealth services with a licensed clinical psychologist may be the right option for you. Reasons may include a limited availability of specialized mental health professionals in your local geographic area, work demands that require frequent travel, being a mental health professional who desires privacy in seeking your own mental health treatment from your local community of professionals, or convenience reasons that make it difficult to travel to an office to see a therapist for in-person face-to-face sessions.

Dr. Zayco is available to meet for psychotherapy and counseling services with individuals remotely via telehealth video-based services using HIPAA-compliant software. Psychological services are only available to individuals residing in Florida, per licensing laws as a psychologist in the state of Florida.

Please call Dr. Zayco for further details about meeting remotely via video-conferencing for counseling or psychotherapy services.