Couple Therapy

IMG_0263Dr. Zayco is often approached by couples troubled by disconnection, communication difficulties, reactivity – stuck in negative patterns. These couples are ready for a change, ready for greater intimacy, security and connection in their most important relationship. Dr. Zayco works closely with couples to identify negative interaction patterns and improve each partner’s ability to better communicate with the most important person in his or her life. Couples report significant reduction in relationship distress after engaging in a course of therapy with Dr. Zayco, and individual partners experience significant improvement in emotional functioning as well.

**Did you know that being in a long-term committed relationship or a marriage carries many benefits? Married or long-term committed partners enjoy greater wealth, improved health, improved mortality, decreased stress, improved recovery after illness, and greater happiness and well-being.**

If you are ready to improve the quality of your most significant relationship, Dr. Zayco is available to meet with couples for marital counseling, couple therapy, or relationship therapy. As a clinical psychologist with Level 3 training in the Gottman Method for Couples Therapy and Advanced Training status in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples, Dr. Zayco is available to help you improve your relationship quality and connection and reduce relationship distress, conflict, reactivity, and disconnection.  EFT is a scientifically-based approach grounded in three decades of attachment research and emotion theory to reduce marital distress and improve relationship quality. It is a practical, warm, non-judgmental and respectful approach to working with couples. The Gottman Method is based upon four decades of research on the emotional and behavioral habits and attitudes of successful and satisfied married couples (“Masters”) and unsatisfied and unhappy couples (“Disasters”), with identified predictors of unhappiness and divorce.

Not a therapy about superficial change, EFT is a depth psychotherapy that aims to get to the root causes of couples’ disconnection or conflict. Couples often see significant conflict reduction within weeks of engaging in EFT therapy. A course of couple therapy or marital counseling can expect to last on average 12 to 20 sessions. EFT is an evidence-based treatment approach proven to be effective across diverse couples, including those from diverse ethnic and racial minority and religious backgrounds and LGBT couples. Couples struggling with affairs, trauma, and in addiction recovery are welcome. Veterans struggling with PTSD and wanting to engage in couples therapy may be eligible for services reimbursed by the VA.  Please call Dr. Zayco for more details.