Clinical Consultation

Are you a mental health professional in Jacksonville wanting to deepen your clinical practice?

Dr. Zayco is available to provide clinical case consolation to clinical and counseling psychologists, mental health counselors, clinical social workers, and marriage and family therapists who are interested in deepening and improving clinical outcomes in the work of psychotherapy and counseling. Clinical case consultation may be provided individually or with small groups of two or three therapists together.

Dr. Zayco has extensive training in providing effective and powerful psychotherapy and counseling approaches and techniques that create meaningful emotional and interpersonal/relational changes for clients. Dr. Zayco utilizes counseling and psychotherapy techniques that are based on emotion theory, focus on somatic/bodily experience, experiential “here-and-now” techniques, psychodynamic and relational psychoanalytic theories, work with transference and countertransference, therapist use of self, attachment research, and neuroscience.

Please contact Dr. Zayco for more information.